Data Policy

What personal information do you collect and how is it stored?

We save brief notes of the sessions between you and your counsellor in line with the BACP Ethical Framework and BACP Guidance for Counsellors and Therapists Online. This helps the counsellor if they work with you over a long period of time and to check back over what has happened in earlier sessions. Your records are kept for a duration of 5 years, however in accordance with Date Protection you are welcome to request deletion of your records as soon as you have ended counselling

WEB the platform makers also retain data collected from the site which is stored on a secure server employing the latest encryption indeffinitely. You are welcome to request the deletion of your personal data from the platform and the server by asking your counsellor or Frankie at the end of your counselling.

 For more information please read the Data policy




We collect personal information from you on our forms and website to provide our service with statistics that are used to help us improve our services and help fund the project. All personal information is retained and destroyed according to data protection laws.

How safe is my personal data and messages?

Counsellors take your issues to their supervisors who make sure that they are working properly with you but you are not identified. These supervision exchanges are secure and deleted after counselling has ended.

Social Media - Facebook and Twitter

We will not share your personal information with anyone else. We also ask you not to share names and the content of any counselling emails on the internet or any form of social media (such as Facebook, blogs and Twitter).

If you have any further questions about confidentiality, email frankie@e-motion.org.uk